World Wide Agora

World Wide Agora

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The book World Wide Agora based on quotations and citations connected, from a myriad of sources, cultures, disciplines, eras and areas. A grand debate, like in a virtual Athens's Agora where old and hot issues are discussed, sometimes also in a dramatically, cynical, sarcastic and humoristic ways and from which a collage was created - a portrait of mankind. The book describes in an innovative way, myth and reality, the struggle of mankind towards progress; the mechanisms, the forces, the hurdles and dangers. Will humanity reach its goal to grasp the ultimate stage of knowledge? Or at least a stage that ensures mankind survival? Or will we collapse before that. Those questions and thoughts emerge from all those bits and pieces synthesized into one whole, taking into consideration the individualAcs and societyAcs points of view (in micro and macro levels.)Don Esmond senior vice president and general manager at Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. Oobeya [big, open office] is all about the power of open minds. There are ... With everyone being equally important to the process, We dona#39;t confine ourselves to just one way of thinking our way out of a problem. Takeshi Yoshida, chief engineer for the 2003 Toyota Corolla. ... Jeff Immelt, CEO and chairman of General Electric. generating baffling new jargon, which only insiders can understand. The.

Title:World Wide Agora
Author:Aharon Liebersohn - 2009-05-01


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