World Wrestling Insanity

World Wrestling Insanity

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In an industry where nothing is real and no one actually wins or loses, the possibilities for manipulation are endless. The nepotism, backward logic, and power plays behind the World Wrestling Entertainment's (WWE) downfall are exposed in this indictment of wrestling's first family. An analysis of the McMahons' poorly written scripts discloses how nepotism and vanity have taken over their creativity, while input from many well-known figures provides details on the complicated and seemingly endless web of manipulation that has led to such questionable behaviors as locker-room hazing and sexual indiscretions. WWE's racist undertones are also discussed, with a firsthand account on how being black affected one wrestler's match with a world champion.Scheduled to win the upcoming King of the Ring, Hunt was stripped of the honor and saw it go to Steve Austin and the birth of Austin 3:16. ... One of the main reasons why Vince worked to get his evil character over with audiences during the Monday Night Wars is because ... The reasoning he gives is that he knows he a#39;ll always come to the backyard wrestling tapings because he has the camera and belt.

Title:World Wrestling Insanity
Author:James Guttman
Publisher:ECW Press - 2006


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