Worrier to Warrior, Conquer Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Worrier to Warrior, Conquer Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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Worrier to Warrior, a step by step kit to correct anxiety and panic attacks is different from other books and programs available. It is a a€˜how toa€™ or a€˜do it yourselfa€™a€™ program that will enable you to understand what is occurring, insight to how the anxiety/panic attacks got started and ultimately, how to end the vicious cycle, which you may have found out only gets worse, manifesting as a panic attack and spiraling down into what is called an anxiety dis-order where your life becomes severely limited. In over 24 years in private practice, I have created a protocol that corrects anxiety and panic attacks in three sessions. If you follow the program precisely, use the tools within the kit, pay attention to all the specific details I point out, you will be completely successful and never have a full blown panic attack again, and manage anxieties as they occur over a life time. You will learn that it is your thinking that flips the a€œona€ switch to the fight or flight or freeze response, which is your survival mechanism gone awry. You do not need to agree with everything I say, philosophies. Such as I will state you are a mind, body, spirita€b if you take exception to the word a€˜spirita€™, which is energya€b change the word to; a€˜an electrical feedback systema€™. Do pay close attention to words and language you are personally using, because they are either empowering you or disempowering you, period. I will ask you to be the mind or thought police for a period of time, to recognized how you are repeatedly programming yourself opposite of your desires and desired experiences in life, from solace to life success, or as the title implies; Worrier to Warrior. Understand this clearly, you are not broken, it is simply a kink in your thinking process, and being YOU are the one choosing what thoughts to focus upon, you can change the thoughts that create the cycle of anxieties, and what is setting off panic attacks. You are an unending horizon, be prepared to change the rest of your life and how you experience it. (1) Worrier to Warrior Book (2) Worrier to Warrior ~ Metanoia CD/MP3 (3) Mind-Spa Ultimate Healing Hypnosis CD/MP3 (4) Confidence, Organization and Focus CD/MP3 (5) Self Trust a Serenity CD/MP3 (6) Anxiety a Panic Relief CD/MP3 (7) Did You Knowa€b A Message of Choice a Change Book (8) Words that Empower Books; a€œEnough-ism, blaze a unique traila€ vol VI a€œHonor, Value a Integritya€ vol VIIINow, safe inside your home you work at calming down, but over and over the experience you just had keeps going on and on in your mind. After a while, you are able to distract yourself by watching TV or calling a friend and telling them whatanbsp;...

Title:Worrier to Warrior, Conquer Anxiety and Panic Attacks
Author:Kate Ellis,ccht
Publisher:Kate Ellis ~ The Healing Quest Publishing - 2014-11-01


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