Wounded Dogs and Werewolves

Wounded Dogs and Werewolves

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Wounded Dogs and Werewolves is the true story about a boy of seven whose childhood was influenced by abuse, molestation, and the death of his father at a young age, and who then went on to live a lifelong struggle with addiction and depression. As an adult he completely turned from his faith and wandered through life with reckless disregard. After decades of tragic choices, countless years of counseling, financial ruin, and an accident that could have taken his life, he returned to his faith and found something far more valuable than recovery. And he found it where he had never thought to look. Written as a letter between two friends, the stories are sometimes funny, sometimes difficult to read, and often poignant. This tale ends with the kind of ironic insights that wait for the small hours of the morning to emerge, after all else is gone and you are left alone to grace.Otherwise the added memory would make it better, not worse. I mean, if your brain ... We were sitting on the couch watching TV; he was wearing tan casual slacks a€“ what we call a€œDockersa€ now a€“ and I was in my pajamas. I do not recall whatanbsp;...

Title:Wounded Dogs and Werewolves
Author:John Agustín Rubio
Publisher:WestBow Press - 2011-06-22


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