Wrack and Ruin: A Novel

Wrack and Ruin: A Novel

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Having fled his New York City life as a renowned sculptor to become a farmer in a small California town, Lyndon Song finds his bucolic existence turned upside-down by a scheme by his movie producer brother involving a golf course on Lyndon's land and a nasty aging kung-fu diva. Reprint.You make sandwiches here, dona#39;t you?a€ a€œSure.a€ a€œThen a western omelet, coffee, and a chic] sandwich.a€ a€œGotcha.a€ a€œBut hold the mayo, hold the lettuce and tomato.a€ a€œAll right.a€ a€œAnd hold the chicken.a€ a€œHold the chicken?a€ a€œBetween your knees!

Title:Wrack and Ruin: A Novel
Author:Don Lee
Publisher:W. W. Norton & Company - 2009-04-20


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