Wrap Around

Wrap Around

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In this true story, Adam Swank, who most of his life suffered from abuse, violent mood swings, incarceration, intravenous drug use, bipolar disorder, A.D.H.D, psychosis, self injury, animal abuse, suicide, smoked crack, drank alcohol, and have been through several mental hospitals, and treatment facilities, tells about his life of drug addiction and mental disorders.Drug addiction and Mental Disorders are common and can be treated.Learn how Adam Swank kicked his drug habit and developed a ferocious appetite for knowledge. Who would ever have thought he would be attending college, now in his third semester PRE MED, and that someday he would become a doctor.This compelling story shows how anyone can turn their life around no matter how hopeless it may seem.Through detoxification and maintenance medications, there is a greater possibility for success in long-term recovery. ... AM-3 Suboxone is a viable option for most heroin, painkiller, and methadone withdrawal symptoms. ... Suboxone, when taken as prescribed, sublingually, does not produce any euphoria, and an informed doctor will have favorable results when administering Suboxone properly.

Title:Wrap Around
Author:Adam Swank
Publisher:Four Star Publishing - 2008-05-20


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