Writing UNIX Device Drivers

Writing UNIX Device Drivers

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Writing UNIX Device Drivers provides application programmers with definitive information on writing device drivers for the UNIX operating system. It explains, through, working examples, the issues related to the design and implementation of these important components of application programs. Written by an acknowledged expert, the book uses full source code listings of real devices to explain the underlying concepts. Complete source code is provided for 12 drivers, including: block drivers for a SCSI disk and a line printer a character driver for an intelligent I/O device a streams driver for a token-ring card Covering System V Releases 3 and 4, Writing UNIX Device Drivers provides essential practical advice for all UNIX applications programmers. 0201523744B04062001Analyzing Kernel Crash Dumps On some versions of UNIX the system will generate a crash dump of the entire system ... that something funny is happening within the driver but printf statements affect the timing too much and mask the problem.

Title:Writing UNIX Device Drivers
Author:George Pajari
Publisher:Addison-Wesley Professional - 1992


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