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WWW.MATE is about the state of dating in the computer age. It is a fictional account of a young woman named Janet who is encouraged by a coworker to stop working her life away and try an electronic dating site. Although apprehensive, Janet gives in. Her first responses are not promising at all, in fact they make her want to forget the whole idea, until she finds three men who peak her interest. After more hesitation she agrees to meet each of her new e-mail potentials. They are Vernon, Able, and Coolassex. Two of the men are diminished form her choices for different reasons. But one has her flying high, until they both learn they entered into the date totally by accident. Janet begins to persistently pursue her connection, but there is another woman involved. The challenge presented by her Internet dating exploration leaves Janet perplexed. Her life, which was once a cocoon protecting her from dating woes, is suddenly faced with a challenge. She turns to her only source, her gay best friend, to relieve her sorrows and to feel that for once in her life she is not being rejected.realized, was the key to holding Mr. C, because he was into fast-talk and fast women, I could tell. Read my ... Thanks for writing again; how are you? I am single with ... Why don a#39;t you have your own place since you are single with no kids? ... Imean, a single man, making good money and in his thirties living with his mother?

Publisher:iUniverse - 2000


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