XML, DTDs, Schemas: The Personal Trainer

XML, DTDs, Schemas: The Personal Trainer

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Buy this book for yourself, a friend, a relative, and anyone else who needs help mastering XML and related technologies. To learn how to use XML, you need practical hands-on advice from an expert who understands what it is like to just start out. By working step by step through document structures, DTD elements and schema definitions, you can master XML fundamentals while learning how to describe data structures in XML DTDs and XML schemas. This book is designed for anyone who wants to learn XML, including those who create or support XML-based solutions. Inside, you'll find comprehensive overviews, step-by-step procedures, frequently used tasks, documented examples, and much more. One of the goals is to keep the content so concise that the book remains compact and easy to navigate while at the same time ensuring that the book is packed with as much information as possible--making it a valuable resource. Learning XML doesn't have to be a frustrating experience, you can use XML, DTDs, Schemas: The Personal Trainer to learn everything you need to use XML and related technologies effectively.With a named complex type, you set the type attribute of the related elements toalabel that identifiesthe complex typeyoua#39;re ... Group references are used to reference existing element groupsthatyouwant to associatewiththecomplextype.

Title:XML, DTDs, Schemas: The Personal Trainer
Author:William Stanek
Publisher:RP Books & Audio - 2014-05-28


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