Y2K For Women

Y2K For Women

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This book explains the year 2000 problem in non-technical terms from a woman's perspective with an emphasis on preparing your home for a possible disruption in everyday life. It not only explains the Y2K problem, but it also explains in detail why you should be prepared for any emergency, natural or man-made (Y2K). It provides answers to common questions in a qDear Abbyq like style with a focus on the special needs and concerns of women.Dear Karen: How do I keep my pipes from freezing if therea#39;s no running water and I cana#39;t let my faucets drip? ... That way, when you need to drain your pipes to prevent freezing in an unheated house, all you have to do is open that faucet and let the water drain into containers. ... Dona#39;t forget to drain the water heater, too.

Title:Y2K For Women
Author:Karen Anderson
Publisher:Thomas Nelson Inc - 1999-05-20


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