Yeast Stress Responses

Yeast Stress Responses

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Every cell has developed mechanisms to respond to changes in its environment and to adapt its growth and metabolism to unfavorable conditions. The unicellular eukaryote yeast has long proven as a particularly useful model system for the analysis of cellular stress responses, and the completion of the yeast genome sequence has only added to its power This volume comprehensively reviews both the basic features of the yeast genral stress response and the specific adapations to different stress types (nutrient depletion, osmotic and heat shock as well as salt and oxidative stress). It includes the latest findings in the field and discusses the implications for the analysis of stress response mechanisms in higher eukaryotes as well.... different carbon sources are used by the yeast cells and how any particular carbon sources affect yeast metabolism. Bakera#39;s yeast S. cerevisiae belongs to a group of so-called facultative anaerobic yeast. These microorganisms will ferment hexose sugars like glucose and fructose under both aerobic and anaerobic growthanbsp;...

Title:Yeast Stress Responses
Author:Stefan Hohmann, Willem H. Mager
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2007-10-23


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