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LOVE TIME TRAVEL ROMANCE BOOKS? YESTERDAY'S GOLD is for you! Hannah Gilmore is about to be married, to a member of one of Victoria, B.C.'s notable families. But first, she's promised to take her mother, Daisy, to Barkerville, historical site of a B.C. goldrush, to search out the resting place of an ancestor. But the trip becomes impossibly complicated when her mother invites her difficult friend, Elvira, along--and insists on bringing her incontinent dog. EƒEƒEƒ AND THEN A BRIDGE COLLAPSESa€” And suddenly Hannah and her irritating companions are in Barkerville. But it's 1868, the height of the Cariboo goldrush. They have to accept accommodation from a saloon keeper named Logan McGraw, a mysterious, handsome man who fought in the Americal Civil War, and who has a secret agenda for being in Barkerville. EƒEƒEƒ Hannah and her companions quickly learn that women have no rights in this time and place. But stubborn, intrepid, and imaginative, they set out to bring a semblance of woman's liberation to the primitive and harsh conditions, always hoping to return to their own time. EƒEƒEƒ HANNAH WAS ABOUT TO BE MARRIEDa€”BUT NOW SHE'S FALLING IN LOVE. Logan is accused of murder, which means he'll hang. Hannah needs to find a way to free him. But as with everything else, nothing goes according to plan in this western historical time travel.aquot;From what I can tell, Tahny, therea#39;s no physical reason for you not to conceive. ... aquot;What wea#39;re going to do is figure out when youa#39;re ovulating by having you take your temperature first thing when you wake ... registered body temperature, and then she said, aquot;When your temperaturea#39;s elevated, it means your bodya#39;s ovulating , anbsp;...

Author:Bobby Hutchinson
Publisher:Sunflower Publishing - 2015-03-19


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