YHWH Preincarnate Jesus

YHWH Preincarnate Jesus

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This book was written because every Christian should know who Jesus was in the Old Testament Scriptures. We all know that Jesus is the qSon of Manq (born in the line of man) on Mary's side. He is also called the qSon of Godq (born in the line of God). Jesus was God who came in the flesh. Jesus said qBefore Abraham was born I amq (John 8:58), showing that His spiritual side existed before His physical appearance. The focus of this book is to identify where we see preincarnate Jesus in the Old Testament. It is surprising to find that when any Christian is asked this question, whether pastors, seminarians, Bible study leaders, etc., they have no idea or concept of where Jesus can be found in the Old Testament. Most people will guess that He was the Angel of the Lord or maybe the fourth person in the fiery furnace with Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego as shown in the Book of Daniel, but they are at a loss to show scriptural proof of their assumptions. After reading this book you will be asking yourself, qWhy did I not see this before?q You may also wonder, qWhy have I never heard a sermon about this?' The answer is so obvious yet it is so hidden by the use of the word qLordq in our Bibles. A call needs to go out to our seminaries, pastors and teachers to evaluate the evidence presented here and to get this information to the people whom they serve. After reading this book you will better understand the sacrifice that was made for our salvation and how awesome that sacrifice really was. This book is a qmust haveq for scriptural proof of who Jesus really is and will help you when sharing your faith with others.Bradley J. Cummins. YHWH Preincarnate Jesus Lost in Translation BRADLEY]. CUMMINS AcWinePress Pu b Lishing Your Book, Defined, since mm. Ac 2010 by Bradley J. Cummins. All rights reserved. WinePress Title Page.

Title:YHWH Preincarnate Jesus
Author:Bradley J. Cummins
Publisher:WinePress Publishing - 2010-10


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