Yo, Lord, What Do You Think About Sex?

Yo, Lord, What Do You Think About Sex?

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So what do you know about sex? Do you think you know it all? Well, who do you think knows more about sex? How about the author and creator of sex? Get ready to have your eyes, heart, and understanding opened to the truth about sex. This book is about what Goda€™s Word says about sexual issues. This book can be a quick and easy read, but I would advise you to read it slowly and prayerfully. a€”Mary FlamerIn whose image was man created? 2. How did He create man? 3. What did God tell man to do? 4. Who created man? 5. In what way were we created ... How many wives did God make for Adam? What is God about or for? What is Goda#39;s order?

Title:Yo, Lord, What Do You Think About Sex?
Author:Mary Flamer
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2015-09-28


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