You and Your Money

You and Your Money

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Years of experience working to help resolve the money difficulties of many individuals and families has taught Alvin Hall one crucial insight: our financial status has little to do with the amount of money we earn. The real factor that determines our success or failure with money is how we handle the various emotions and relationships that impact the decisions we make about money. Our response to these complicated emotional issues actually has the ability to make or break our economic security, but now Alvin is on hand with his famous straight-from-the-hip advice to ensure we control our finances - no matter what the underlying issue. With practical and workable tools grounded in reality, Alvin shows us how to make sure the money we work hard to earn works hard for us, and sets us a clear pathway for long-term financial success.Some well-to-do people like to spend their days doing nothing but managing their investments. ... seminars, TV courses, or computer programs that are supposed to provide the a#39;secretsa#39; of being an expert trader, enjoying independent wealth and working at home just a few hours a day. ... who make much more money by teaching others to trade than most of them ever make through their own trading. 5.

Title:You and Your Money
Author:Alvin Hall
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2012-03-01


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