You Are in the Bible

You Are in the Bible

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How can it be that you are in the Bible? It is a mirror in which you can see yourself. The Apostle Paul said we would see dimly at first and then face to face. When you spiritually interpret what you read in the Bible, you will more clearly understand your amazing relationship to God. The Bible is an enjoyable reference book for your life, once you have some tools with which to bring to light its true meaning. It is also a sacred text written by inspired teachers who expressed it in the context of the ancient civilization in which they lived. And yet it is the story of your inner development as well. Metaphysical or Spiritual Interpretation is the clearest, most uplifting and useful way to understand the Bible's message to you.Jesus performed many healing acts with never a doubt that his word was law where unto it was sent. You have that same ... The Course In Miracles states a€œ miracles are natural to us and if they are not occurring, then something has gone wrong.a€ What we call ... psychologist. It is written that he knew what was in HEALING 101.

Title:You Are in the Bible
Author:Carole Lunde
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-04


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