You Are The Hero

You Are The Hero

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Fighting Fantasy gamebooks have sold over 17 million books worldwide, in over 30 languages. But when Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone sat down to write The Warlock of Firetop Mountain they had no idea this one book would go on to spawn another eighty or more titles, and have an immeasurable impact on a generation of children growing up in the 1980s. Part history, part celebration, YOU ARE THE HERO chronicles more than three decades of Fighting Fantasy. Written by Jonathan Green (author of seven Fighting Fantasy titles), this mighty tome will appeal to anyone who ever wiled away a washed-out summer holiday with only two dice, a pencil, and an eraser for company. This is a fixed format PDF eBook, with all of the same stunning, full-colour artwork as the hardback and paperback. Best viewed on a colour screen of 7q upwards, as a daily reader to keep your precious hardback safe. a€œYOU ARE THE HERO is as read-under-the-covers immersive as its subject matter; great characters, amazing stories and a surprise behind every door. 5 stars!q -- SCIFI Now a€œThe most comprehensive history of the Fighting Fantasy phenomenon I've ever seen. With its maps, notes, art and photographs it's not just a celebration but a fascinating resource.q -- SFX a€œHow many thousands of heroes did these books create? And how many lost their lives with a bad roll of the dice? A publishing phenomenon, without which computer games wouldn't be what they are today. About time these books were celebrated. Now go to page 45 and face your nemesis.q -- Charlie Higsona€œThe first Fighting Fantasy gamebook I ever read was The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, a€ says author, and feminist, Magda Knight. ... Aftermath, Toon, Heroes, Car Wars and other tabletop role-playing games which instantly appealed to my lifelong love of fantasy and science-fiction. ... Which was great, because the endless variations and possibilities meant you could play the book time and again.

Title:You Are The Hero
Author:Jonathan Green
Publisher:Snowbooks Ltd - 2014-09-07


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