You are the Messiah and I should know

You are the Messiah and I should know

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Every human endeavour, from a primary school to the government, needs leadership. The Church believes itself to have a clear understanding of what constitutes Christian leadership, but advocates of leadership have been unable to give a clear, concise and universally accepted definition of the term. Justin Lewis-Anthony argues that our understanding of both secular ('managerial') and religious ('missional') leadership has been fatally compromised by the unconscious functioning of 'mythic' leadership, presented through the medium of the dominant culture of our own day, popular Hollywood film. We describe our leaders as if they should be collaborative, enabling, saints and/or expect them to show our enemies who is boss. We search for the 'great man' who will rescue us from all our problems through redemptive violence - within the Church, we talk about Jesus Christ but we expect John Wayne. This book shows how leadership is, at best, a 'contested concept' and at worst a dangerous, violent and totalitarian heresy.For these reasons, Leadership is a key principle for the future.1 Fourteen lives were lost in the crash of Nimrod XV230; ... all set up leadership programmes or institutions which can inculcate leadership values in their employees, or clients.

Title:You are the Messiah and I should know
Author:Justin Lewis-Anthony
Publisher:A&C Black - 2013-04-11


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