You Can Learn to Remember

You Can Learn to Remember

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As we become increasingly distracted by looking at the screens of our computers and mobile phones, our ability to memorize and recall information is weakening. The capacity of our memory depends on our ability to focus the mind and sustain concentration. You Can Learn to Remember shows you how to train your brain to peak performance and develop the ability to instantly recall details. Drawing upon the extraordinary skills of eight-times World Memory Champion Dominic Oa€™Brien, this guide provides an invaluable repertoire of proven ways to enhance your memory a€“ from memorizing a speech, a shopping list and directions to never forgetting names, dates and faces. With 25 easy-to-follow exercises you will learn techniques and shortcuts to sharpen and extend your memory. Master the arts of storage and recall with Dominica€™s highly effective memory systems based on imagery and association and improve your knowledge of the world. Part of the You Can series: You Can Learn to Remember 978-1-78028-791-1, You Can Master Meditation 978-1-78028-798-0, You Can Understand Your Dreams 978-1-78028-796-6 You Can Manage Your Time Better 978-1-78028-793-5, You Can Sleep Well 978-1-78028-794-2, You Can Relax and Overcome Stress 978-1-78028-758-4, You Can Be an Optimist 978-1-78028-753-9, You Can Think Differently 978-1-78028-757-7, You Can Find Inner Peace 978-1-78028-752-2Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life Dominic Oa#39;Brien ... 1973 Oa#39;Brien, Dominic How to Develop a Perfect Memory Pavilion (London), 1993 Oa#39;Brien, Dominic How to Pass Exams Headline (London), 1995 Oa#39;Brien, Dominic Super Memoryanbsp;...

Title:You Can Learn to Remember
Author:Dominic O'Brien
Publisher:Duncan Baird Publishers - 2014-07-17


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