You Can't Win

You Can't Win

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You Cana€™t Win is the true story of one womana€™s courageous battle with a debilitating addiction and the forces that wanted to keep her dependent on gambling. Born of a desperate need to please her mother and to escape an abusive father and brother, she becomes addicted first to Bingo and then to slot machines. She slowly slips into a life of lies, self-deception, and despair and finds herself on the verge of losing everything, including her family and ultimately her life. When she attempts to pull herself out of the spiral of depression and defeat, she is beaten back through a blatant disregard of the law by the powerful Detroit casinos. She comes to learn that the influence of casino profits on the political system is overwhelming and that the economic interests of the state far outweigh the social costs. In the end, she cana€™t win on the slots, but with the love and support of her husband, she can put a broken life back togetherAs long as I took Mom out of the house and Father could spend time with Bobby, the less he seemed to take out his anger on me. ... To play, youa#39;ve got to buy at least one card, but some serious players played as many as twenty at a time. ... Real tension builds as each new number is called and you can see people inching forward in their seats and then someone yells BINGO and the tension goes out ofanbsp;...

Title:You Can't Win
Author:Barbara Zajak with Howard Burman
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-01-29


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