You Decide

You Decide

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The second edition of You Decide Controversial Cases in American Politics provides a unique and innovative way to learn more about American government by examining contending points of view on controversial issues. Drawing on many years of combined teaching experience, Edward Drachman and Robert Langran present fourteen original cases and encourage students to make choices from policy options that might help resolve the case controversies. To facilitate the reading of the cases, the authors developed a format that provides the necessary background information on each issue, a list of options to address the controversy under consideration, and the probable future direction of each case controversy. Each case also includes discussion questions that focus on highlights of the case, classroom activities designed to complement more traditional learning, and a list of suggested readings and websites. On a range of topical, hot-button cases from organized school prayer and affirmative action, to the electoral college and the tension between Congress and the president over war-time powers students have the opportunity to become directly involved in discussing, debating, and evaluating controversial issues. With this help of this classroom-proven text, you decide qThis was a program established because the schools in Cleveland stunk, and they were in trouble . ... In December 2006, Congress raised the guidelines to 300 percent of the federal poverty level and the corresponding income ceiling to anbsp;...

Title:You Decide
Author:Edward R. Drachman, Robert Langran
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield - 2008


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