You Have Been ID'ed

You Have Been ID'ed

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Tattoos and microchip implants are becoming very popular. As people become accepting of these things, Satan gets closer to carrying out his plan for people to receive the demonical mark of the Beast, 666. The Beast is a man and is the son of perdition. When the saints of God are removed from this world by Christ, a new age of time begins on the earth. It is the seven-year Tribulation period. People will have to decide if they want to be identified with the man of sin or face a possible death. The choice must be made.Not everyone will want to bear the mark of the Beast or desire to worship him. They will ... They simply will not want to be affiliated with him as a follower. ... decide not to get the mark of the Beast or for not bowing down and worshipping him. ... Although the mark of the Beast has not come into play as of yet, Satan is continually trying to saturate excuses deep within the heart of the unbeliever as to why they.

Title:You Have Been ID'ed
Author:Miriam R. Eubanks
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2011-04-11


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