You Know Me; I'm Not One to Complain

You Know Me; I'm Not One to Complain

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Dorothy Shea Chapman was the last person in the world to take herself seriously. When she first came to our Autobiography Workshop, held in the Community/Senior Citizen Center in Dana Point, CA, she entered the room with a bouncing flair and a spirited walk, while folding up her red-tipped white cane. One knew immediately that this woman was full of wit, intelligent without the egotism that often goes with it, possessing a self-deprecating manner that worked as a magnet. She drew others to her without any visible effort. Dorothy's essays and poetry hit their target every time. Nothing-no subject-was off-limits for her pen. She exhibits a sensitivity not often seen when she tackles life's most laborious challenges-even grief. She tackled everything from kitchen pots to kibitzing pols, from gravy to graft, so to speak. This book promises you one laughing-out-loud page after another! Let this mother, grandmother and great-grandmother regale you, teach you, and bless you.A friend mentioned that a country dance class had been meeting for over a year in a mobile home park in our town. ... The instructions became more complicated with the box step, fan your feet, hop, then turn around, and I panicked At the break a ... She had been line dancing since her eighty first birthday; she confided and suggested that I purchase a video tape in order to practice in my living room.

Title:You Know Me; I'm Not One to Complain
Author:Dorothy Shea Chapman, Paul Peck
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-04


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