You Only Love Twice

You Only Love Twice

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Comic-book heroine Angelina Avenger battles dastardly criminals and alien invasions. But her creator Marlie Montague's life isn't as exciting...until Marlie opens the front door and finds the business end of a pistol pointed right at her. Her plan: to channel Angelina fast! Recruiting her new next-door neighbor, who looks like a rock-hard action hero, couldn't hurt either... The last thing Navy secret agent Joel Hunter expected on this surveillance gig was a luscious brunette bursting through his window. Now he and Marlie are blowing the doors off a full-blown conspiracy with more double agents than a Bond flick. But in between shootouts and squealing tires, the mystery that is Marlie is making Joel's heart go thump thump thump. Is she a femme fatale or an endearing bookworm? And how does she leave him both shaken and stirred? Word Count: 90, 000 words.Joel had exactly five minutes to get in, get the comic books, get out again, and blend in with the flash mob before they dispersed, or Dobbs would fry his ass for ... In rhythmic waves they began rolling their bowling balls down the culdesac.

Title:You Only Love Twice
Author:Lori Wilde
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2008-12-21


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