Your Baby & Toddler

Your Baby & Toddler

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An indispensable A-to-Z guide to the first three years of life Your Baby a Toddler is an all-inclusive, concise, and reliable resource for all new parents. Covering newborns through age three, it is written in a simple, supportive style that answers commonly asked questions, calms fears, and supplements visits and phone calls to the doctor's office. Covering physical health, emotional development, and household safety, topics include: Accident prevention * Allergies * Antibiotics * Asthma * Babyproofing your home * Bottle-feeding and breast-feeding * Colic * Crying * Daycare * Immunizations * Nightmares * Nutrition * Separation Anxiety * Sleep problems * Toilet Training * Toy Safety * Weaning * and much more. Providing the latest research findings, Your Baby a Toddler is a home reference all parents can trust for advice, answers, and up-to-the-minute information.Before they are large enough for safe and comfortable use of an adult seat belt, children should use a booster seat ... state, your childa#39;s safety is at risk if you fail to use one until the child is large enough for the adult seat belt to work as it should.

Title:Your Baby & Toddler
Author:Anne Marie Mueser, Ed.D.
Publisher:St. Martin's Griffin - 2013-09-17


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