Your Diet After 50

Your Diet After 50

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This book is about the choice of food food that is nutritious and health- giving. Within its pages, you will find reliable nutrition-information and sound advice, based on scientific evidence. It offers you practical ways to eat healthy in almost any situation and at every phase of life, particularly after 50. And it encourages you to enjoy the pleasures of food but, at the same time, promote your health and well-being. After all, taste is the number one reason most people choose one food over another. Most important, the flexible guidelines help you choose nutritious, flavourful foods to match your own needs, preferences and lifestyle, even as your life enters the third phase.With the passage of time, teeth also undergo some unpleasant changes as is the case with hair, ears and eyes. As the years ... Place the bristle at a 45-degree angle to the teeth so that they can slide beneath the gum line and get at the plaque. The brush ... Cavities, gum disease and plaque are the villains in the drama of tooth loss. Plaque is a gummy, bacterial coating found in everyonea#39;s mouth that accumulates on teeth beneath the gum line, where it is difficult to remove. If it is notanbsp;...

Title:Your Diet After 50
Author:Suresh Chandra
Publisher:Pustak Mahal - 2002-01-01


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