Your Dieting Daughter...Is She Dying for Attention?

Your Dieting Daughter...Is She Dying for Attention?

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This book focuses on the essentials of nutrition, offering clear guidelines for healthy eating and dispelling many of the myths promoted by the diet industry. A concise and informative review of the most popular diet programs helps set the record straight on what's behind all of those promotional campaigns to which adolescent (and younger) girls are regularly exposed. The goal here is to help parents understand the kinds of pressure their daughters are under and to provide them with the necessary knowledge to work with their daughters - rather than against them - in forming a strong, positive, and clear sense of self.How should I approach it? Refuse to participate in any such idea! No matter how much you think plastic surgery will improve your daughtera#39;s self-image or raise her self- esteem, this decision must be hers alone, ... mothera#39;s comment with me: aquot; How about if I pay for you to go to my plastic surgeon? He said it would be easy to get rid of that double chin of yours, and if it makes you feel better, ita#39;s worth it.

Title:Your Dieting Daughter...Is She Dying for Attention?
Author:Carolyn Costin
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-06-20


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