Your Fussy Baby

Your Fussy Baby

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If your new baby cries inconsolably for many hours a day, take heart. The soothing help you need is here. Renowned pediatrician Dr. Marc Weissbluth knows firsthand how stressful life can be for a sensitive, fussy newborna€”not to mention the childa€™s frantic, exhausted parents. His own firstborn, like more than a fifth of all babies, was a colicky child, causing him and his wife to suffer many sleepless nights. Your Fussy Baby is Dr. Weissblutha€™s gift to other sorely tired mothers and fathers, written to help them comfort their newborns without disrupting their own lives. Even extreme fussiness, he says, is not dangerous and usually stops when the child is about four months old. In the meanwhile, however, life can be tough for the whole family. But whether your baby cries for as long as eight hours a day, suffers from gas, refuses to sleep, or all of the above, Your Fussy Baby will gently guide your little onea€”and youa€”through this mysterious phase of infant growth. Inside you will discover a€c Why your baby cries so much: The most up-to-date research, including some fascinating possibilities that researchers are just beginning to explore. a€c Dangerous myths about fussiness: Facts and fiction about diet, mothering, proper medications, and much more that even your pediatrician may not know. a€c The emotional effects: Avoiding the guilt, anxiety, and frustration that having a fussy baby so often stirs up. a€c What to do when your baby fusses: Specific recommendations for what parents can do to minimize the distress that prolonged crying causes the whole family. a€c Expert, step-by-step advice on establishing healthy sleep habits for your baby. With this reassuring, down-to-earth guidance, you can help your fretful, fussy newborn to become the sweet, happy baby he or she was meant to be. From the Trade Paperback night. This extra attention causes a night-waking habit to develop. After four to six months, extremely fussy/colicky babies or babies whoa#39;ve ... These parents may incorrectly think that sleep training means letting the child cry it out at this age, and that this in itself will get the child on a schedule. The fundamental error here is to assume that during the first few months of life, it does not matter how the childanbsp;...

Title:Your Fussy Baby
Author:Marc Weissbluth, M.D.
Publisher:Ballantine Books - 2009-04-02


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