Your Health Is Your Wealth

Your Health Is Your Wealth

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Today's concerns about wellness a fitness, Quality of life - is health important, Learn all the wellness - fitness, Just what does make us well? What are your wellness needs? What are your fitness needs? The benefits of mediation, Energy levels for the fit, Metabolism - what is it? Obesity in adolescents, Are you fit? Does your income affect your health? Is there health without water? Vitamins - to be or not to be, What are your nutritional needs? Exercise a play - the benefits, The benefits of walking, The mind, body and interconnectivity Chiropractic care- A soul to the well individual, Acupuncture- A benefit to the well individual, Music- Our connection to the higher conscious, The Yin and Yang of the healthy individual, Right hand vs. Left hand: who is healthier? Is your mind playing tricks?We dona#39;t often think of the chiropractor until some part of our body isna#39;t functioning as it should, most often our back. ... Quite often, we can have small problems in one area of our body, and not even realize it until the effect is felt in a much larger way, somewhere else. ... and cost- effective nature of chiropractic treatment.

Title:Your Health Is Your Wealth
Author:Samson M. Mutua - 2010-12


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