Your Income Tax

Your Income Tax

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The Most Trusted Name in TaxFor over 60 years, more than 38 million Americans have trusted J.K. Lasser to help them save money at tax timeNow withUSABLE FORMSFREE ONLINE BONUSESGUIDANCE FOR ALL YOUR TAX NEEDSCOVERS ALL 2004 TAX LAW CHANGESBasics of Filing (Chap. 1) including:Which form to file 150; Chap. 1 Filing as Head of Household 150; Chap. 1Filing for your children 150; Chap. 1 Filing for married couples 150; Chap. 1What Must You Report as Income? (Chaps. 2-11) including:Dividends a Interest 150; Chap. 4 Capital gains a losses 150; Chap. 5Traditional a Roth IRAs 150; Chap. 8 Rental income 150; Chap. 9What Deductions Can You Claim? (Chaps. 12-21) including:Moving expenses 150; Chap. 12 Medical expense deductions 150; Chap. 17Charitable deductions 150; Chap. 14 Who is a dependent? 150; Chap. 21How Much Tax Do You Owe? (Chaps. 22-27) including:The AMT 150; Chap. 23 Your child's tax 150; Chap. 24Personal tax credits 150; Chap. 25 Estimated taxes 150; Chap. 27Strategies to Save You Taxes (Chaps. 28-39) including:Tax free residence sales 150; Chap. 29 Investing in securities 150; Chap. 30Armed forces rules 150; Chap. 35 Tax breaks for education 150; Chap. 38Planning Ideas for Your Business (Chaps. 40-45) including:Home office deduction 150; Chap. 40 First year expensing 150; Chap. 42Auto expenses 150; Chap. 43 Self-employment tax 150; Chap. 45Now That You're Done (Chaps. 46-49) including:Electronic filing 150; Chap. 46 Filing extensions 150; Chap. 46IRS Audits 150; Chap. 48 Amended returns 150; Chap. 49Easy-to-Use Format Explains Complex Tax LawsFILING TIPS and FILING INSTRUCTIONS help you prepare your 2004 returnPLANNING REMINDERS highlight year-end tax strategies for 2004 and planning opportunities for 2005 and later yearsCAUTIONS point out potential pitfalls to avoid and areas where you might expect IRS oppositionLAW ALERTS indicate recent changes in the tax law and pending legislation before CongressCOURT DECISIONS highlight key rulings from the Tax Court and other federal courtsIRS ALERTS highlight key rulings and announcements from the IRS.13 does not apply to electric vehicles powered by rechargeable batteries, fuel cells, or other sources of electric current. ... for the $2, 000 deduction if purchased new in 2004: the Toyota Prius for model years 2003 and 2004, the Honda Civic Hybrid for model ... For a personal-use car, the deduction for 2004 is claimed as an adjustment to income on Line 35 of Form 1040; write aquot;Clean-fuelaquot; next to the entry.

Title:Your Income Tax
Author:J. K. Lasser, J.K. Lasser Institute
Publisher: - 2004-12


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