Your Life, A Masterpiece in the Making

Your Life, A Masterpiece in the Making

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Life happens. Every event that takes place in your life, every person you have ever met, every circumstance you have lived through has a place in your puzzle of life. Before you were born, God had created a beautiful masterpiece. It is filled with color, happiness, laughter and tears. It is filled with struggles as well as sweet triumphs. It is filled with every experience in your life, both good and bad. As you move through your life, the pieces of your puzzle are set one at a time. Each one is essential and relevant. When completed, your puzzle will finally make sense. You will be able to recognize how each piece has brought you to where you are today. Each piece fits, in some way, to help bring you to a place where God wants you to be. When something happens that is unbearable and you cannot find a reason for it, sometimes it is Goda€™s own steadying hand that helps set the piece into place. Build your puzzle with confidence, one piece at a time, and know your masterpiece was created by the Master Himself, piece by important piece.It became such a common occurrence that when we broke down we would make up games for the children to play while we awaited ... I have even learned to appreciate oil caps! ... Then I had the thought that foil would be a great temporary fix!

Title:Your Life, A Masterpiece in the Making
Author:Renae Green
Publisher:WestBow Press - 2015-07-21


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