Your Lottery Ticket

Your Lottery Ticket

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If I asked you. ? Do you know what the odds are of winning the European Lottery?? You probably would not even be able to hazard a guess. It is in fact 116, 541, 800 to 1. There is a way to reduce these odds. If I told you that there are 30 main ball numbers from which the 5 main numbers have come out and scored 60 times for the winning jackpots in 525 draws. Which is about once every 8 to 9 draws. The odds from these 30 numbers is142, 506 to 1. So picking 5 main numbers out of 30 plus covering all the star balls over six lines for a total odds of 855, 036 to 1. Which would with 5 winning main numbers guarantee you a minimum of 2 lines with five numbers in each line, with each line having at least one Star Ball each. Your winnings might likely be a total of between Ap0.4 million and Ap3 million. Worst still, you could even hit the jackpot.Nowadays a lottery wheel isaway of permutating a numberof ball numbers in overlapping lines. Usually done on a chart called a wheeling diagram. Often laid out in such a way as to guarantee that if you get all the correct numbers, that one oranbsp;...

Title:Your Lottery Ticket
Author:William C. F. Pierce
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-11


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