Your Mother Was Right

Your Mother Was Right

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The most useful tips for women, by women. While we have learned to respect (and finally listen to) the hard-won wisdom of our mothers, therea€™s nothing we love more than another nugget of great advice. We are all constantly on the lookout for new answers to lifea€™s everyday challenges, such as: Q: How can I not look so tired? A: Massage your ears. (It works!) Q: How can I mend a hem if I dona€™t have time to sew it? A: Use adhesive tape from the first-aid kit. Q: What should I do if Ia€™m having trouble sleeping? A: Eat a banana. Q: How can I keep a friendship platonic? A: Give him advice, especially about the way he drives. From beauty questions to cooking tips, money advice, style pointers, and all you need to know about love and friendship, here are the most helpful secrets that women from around the world have shared on Kate Reardona€™s website, So use this handy resource the next time you cana€™t remember what your mother always used to say, or when youa€™d just prefer advice from someone with a different perspective (who wona€™t give you a hard time if you dona€™t do what she says). From the Trade Paperback edition.... HOW TO RIPEN AVOCADOS To ripen avocados, put them in a paper bag with ripe apples. The apples give off a gas that causes the avocados to ripen quickly. When just right, keep them in the bottom of COOKING I 37anbsp;...

Title:Your Mother Was Right
Author:Kate Reardon
Publisher:Three Rivers Press - 2010-08-03


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