Your Personal Soldier

Your Personal Soldier

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'Our mission was to get dropped off and walk about 4 clicks around and up and down and sideways (you get the picture) to our rally point. We were setting in an ambush. See, we go out and give the locals rice, blankets, beans, backpacks, etc. The tallytards come like a lunchtime bully and beat up the elder and burn everything we give them.' -Sgt Jordan KrinerWhen a soldier goes to war, it becomes a mission not only for himself and his brothers in arms but for the mothers, fathers, families, and communities that he leaves at home. Jordan Kriner followed a different path to the military than most. At twenty-four years old, he determined that his destiny was in service to his country, just as it had been for both his parents. Theresa Kriner knew she could not change her son's mind. The military was going to take her son and make him into a soldier. Her job would be to keep him human. Through the letters and reflections of the Kriner family, Your Personal Soldieris the revealing story of a man at war and the family, friends, churches, and communities left behind. As Sergeant Kriner fights for freedom on the frontlines of Afghanistan, his family is left to try to continue living a 'normal' life in the most abnormal of circumstances. Sometimes gritty, sometimes heartfelt, Your Personal Soldierdescribes the true toll of war.We got together for the Fourth and had birthday cake with Gpa K. I posted that pix on your MySpace. Grandpa is super cute ... making fun when he tried to salute with his bad hand. Aw. How cute is he? ... Aunt Rosie and Uncle Ken are watching them tonight so Jonathan can take Ashley out on a date. Sophie: Boy oh boy isanbsp;...

Title:Your Personal Soldier
Author:Theresa Nolan Kriner
Publisher:Tate Publishing - 2010-12


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