Youth Activism

Youth Activism

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qIf democratic societies are to survive as true democracies, they need citizens who are informed, concerned and active. How such citizens develop from childhood into adults is crucial information for educators, psychologists, young people, parents, politicians and many, many others. This watershed work fosters an understanding of the disparate activist youth groups internationally, as well as of the interdisciplinary research that explores this phenomena. With 185 entries, from chatrooms, to grassroots movements, from gangs and politics to Riot Grrls and Campus Crusade for Christ, this authoritative source brings insight and explanation to the history of youth activism as well as to its contemporary forms. First-person accounts from today's youth activists as well as adult activists illuminate the journey from young idealist to lifelong work. The major categories that frame this work are advocacy for social causes; adolescent and youth development; education; historical examples; media and internet influence and use; national examples of activism and social movement; organizations and programs; political context; postive youth development; social background factors, e.g., economic class, race, ethnicity, gender and culture; social relationships and networks; voices of activism; and youth culture.q--Publisher's website.Activities and relationships in each of these institutions are the means by which youth understand and define what it means to be a citizen. Families ... In part, schools achieve this goal by teaching courses such as history, civics, and government. ... The premise of service learning is that studentsa#39; learning comes alive when they discover how concepts learned in school can be applied to community issues. ... Think of a tenth-grade horticulture class that designs a CIVIC IDENTITY 1 43.

Title:Youth Activism
Author:Lonnie R. Sherrod
Publisher:Greenwood Publishing Group - 2006


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