Youth Citizenship and the Politics of Belonging

Youth Citizenship and the Politics of Belonging

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Around the world today, young people are being called upon to develop civic competence and carry the burden of forging a political future in the midst of impoverishment, exclusion and inequality. In societies that have experienced civil war, military occupation, mass immigration of displaced people or social conflict, the conditions under which young people attempt to build their citizenship are not well understood. Youth Citizenship and the Politics of Belonging contributes to the field of youth citizenship studies by purposively exploring the experiences of young adults in the context of the formation of nationhood and global citizenship. It explores, from the perspective of various countries, the role of social context and schooling in creating young citizens. This collection offers a unique opportunity to hear the voices of young people themselves who, as a€˜learner citizensa€™ within educational institutions, poor communities and refugee camps, amongst other settings, expose the tensions between social inclusion and marginalization. The book considers young peoplea€™s contemporary social movements, their activism and their sense of belonging. It looks at understandings of national, political and religious identities, youth rights, and various forms of state, community and sexual violence as well as strategic coping strategies, their reinterpretations of civic messages, and the ways in which anger, resistance and disengagement put youth in a difficult position. This book was originally published as a special issue of Comparative Education.Thosein political studies, development studies and comparative education havebeen particularly interested ininvestigating and understanding its importance and role innation building, inbuilding socialcohesion and democratic citizenship.

Title:Youth Citizenship and the Politics of Belonging
Author:Sharlene Swartz, Madeleine Arnot
Publisher:Routledge - 2014-10-20


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