Youth Homelessness in Late Modernity

Youth Homelessness in Late Modernity

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This book explores the identities, embodied experiences, and personal relationships of young people experiencing homelessness, and analyses these in relation to the material and symbolic position that youth homelessness occupies in modern societies. Drawing on empirical research conducted in both urban and rural areas, the book situates young peoplea€™s experiences of homelessness within a theoretical framework that connects embodied identities and relationships with processes of social change. The book theorises a a€˜symbolic economy of youth homelessnessa€™ that encompasses the subjective, aesthetic, and relational dimensions of homelessness. This theory shows the personal, interpersonal and affective suffering that is caused by the relations of power and privilege that produce contemporary youth homelessness. The book is unique in the way in which it places youth homelessness within the wider contexts of inequality, and social change. Whilst contemporary discussions of youth homelessness understand the topic as a discrete a€˜social problema€™, this book demonstrates the position that youth homelessness occupies within wider social processes, inequalities, and theoretical debates, addressing theories of social change in late modernity and their relationship to the cultural construction of youth. These theoretical debates are made concrete by means of an exploration of an important form of contemporary inequality: youth homelessness.I just did my own thing and yes since Ia#39;ve been kicked out of half the places so I threw myself on people and you get nowhere or ... Of course, achieving adulthood had very little to do with participantsa#39; age, and much more to do with the place that homelessness and home occupied ... herself from: Ia#39;ve had a really traumatic childhood, Ia#39;m trying to move the next several months Ia#39;m actually gonna be changing my name. ... Like I believe within myself, my last namea#39;s actually cursed.

Title:Youth Homelessness in Late Modernity
Author:David Farrugia
Publisher:Springer - 2015-07-30


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