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Need information while you're on the go? Tired of guidebooks that don't fit in your pocket? We hear you. If you're visiting for just a week or two, perhaps you don't need the in-depth history section or geographical details that can make a book cumbersome. Check out this brand new series of portable travel guides designed to be used while you're on the move. Their handy, pocket-sized format means they'll slip into your pocket or fanny pack while you focus on what you came for - whether that's hiking in Belize's rainforest with binoculars in hand, exploring Maya ruins in the Yucatan or taking in historic town sights. Adventures covered are anything from town walking tours and beachcombing to white-water rafting and organized horseback riding excursions. These guides still contain all the practical travel information you need - places to stay and eat, tourist information resources, travel advice and more. The text is filled with interesting factoids, while town and regional maps make planning day-trips or city tours easy. Best of all, these books are affordable, at just pound]8.99 Maps, indexber. ln the interest of space, however, we give only the website when you can use that to send them an e-mail. ... formerly lousy restaurants clean up their act, and hotels remodel. lf you find things have changed since this writing, please let usanbsp;...

Author:Bruce Conord, June Conord
Publisher:Hunter Publishing, Inc - 2005


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