Zen drawing a new way to become Mindful

Zen drawing a new way to become Mindful

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This eBook is derived from the hardcover book called 'the Zen drawing Pack', which was published in October 2014 by Rockpoint publishers and as an eBook called 'The Zen drawing eBook' by the authors. In this eBook version called 'Zen drawing - a new way to become mindful', the reader finds lots of extra background information on Zen Buddhism. It also includes additional meditation techniques that can be combined with Zen drawing. The drawing exercises included in this eBook focus on applying drawing to reach self awareness, inner peace and stillness. Zen drawing is based on the work of Frederick Franck. Artist Michelle Dujardin explains how to use realistic drawing as a meditation technique in a practical and contemporary way. This ebook is for people who are interested in finding new ways to become Mindful. Michelle shows you how to connect with the world around you and achieve a meditative state while drawing. Zen drawing will awaken your 'inner artista€™ and allow your hands to follow the movement of your eyes. This inner artist will change the way you see a subject, helping you to create art that is more expressive and more beautiful than what you've ever done before. Not great with a pencil? Don't worry, everyone can learn to draw this way and you don't need any special talent or class. For any level of artist, from a beginner with little talent to an illustration expert, Zen drawing is not about making perfect pictures, it is about the experience of drawing, finding inspiration, and connecting to the world around you.[4]. The. Eightfold. Path. a€œThere are two mistakes you can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.a€ Gautama Buddha For the Eightfold Path Buddha first gives us two simple guidelines to improve our personalanbsp;...

Title:Zen drawing a new way to become Mindful
Author:Michelle Dujardin
Publisher:Buddhas at Home - 2014-08-11


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