Zero 4.0

Zero 4.0

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The red cloaked extragalactic aliens are poised to strike and the mechs have little time to prepare for them. The new colony on planet Harbon is thriving but the Reds can end that prosperity in seconds if the mechs can't stop them. The mechs decide that waiting is no longer an option and give chase, but they may not like what they find. Meanwhile, the Reds work tirelessly to reverse engineer a captured mech to create an army of their own. Once complete, they'll drop most of them off on Earth to eradicate the pesky humans and drop the remainder off on Harbon to destroy the upstart colony. Zero and his handful of friends must go landside to take on those larger mechs, leaving their ship virtually defenseless against attack. Can Zero survive the greatest threat the mechs have ever faced? Keywords: space, aliens, first contact, colonization, starship, spaceship, robot, space marine, alien invasionEveryone on my ship is like me so our bodies are space worthy. Our bodies fly a lot better than your crappy ships anyway.a€ The male looked hurt by the slight but he said, a€œYou dona#39;t need to pilot them. My mate can do that for you.a€ Zero stopped anbsp;...

Title:Zero 4.0
Author:Adam Moon
Publisher:Gealach Publishing - 2015-04-16


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