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ZOMBAT begins with the governmenta€™s knowledge of world wide but isolated outbreaks of the undead, its classified U.S. military organization, response measures and combat assault unit created to contain them. It will then take you through a scenario for those unprepared when a global epidemic of zombies occurs. The following guidelines for preparing, planning, defense and refuge for an individual or group, will enable you to survive and fight a growing army of the walking dead and describe the social breakdown and chaos that will unfold in part 4a€™s a€œThe Undead Risea€. The second half of ZOMBAT is the training manual for the seriously minded individual or team who want to learn the combat techniques and tactics for defense, assault and annihilation of the undead.Combat Training Manual for Tactical and Defensive Operations against the Undead Carlton Rae. Gas mask, respirator, or a surgical mask as minimum Rubber gloves and boots Bleach for decontamination Handpump pressurized mist sprayer (for 5 to 1 ... Causes Nuclear sanitation strikes will cause firestorms like the world.

Author:Carlton Rae
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2009-12-16


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