Zoo-A-Logical Math

Zoo-A-Logical Math

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The work for this book began with a course I created and taught called Animal Behavior. I always knew that there was a strong magnetic bond between people and animals, but it wasn t until I began working on my curriculum that I truly found out how strong this bond really was. Millions of people, young and old, will visit zoos and aquariums each year. People stand in front of the animals, hypnotized by the every movement of the animal. People seemed to be looking not just at the animal, but almost as if they were looking inside these animals, wondering and questioning about the lives of some of our most distant animal relatives. In my classroom, I found the exact same kinds of responses. The discussions and questions of my students motivated me to share with you the lives and abilities of some of the most amazing living creatures in the world. People realize that humans are also animals, but the belief that we have superior intelligence and problem solving abilities makes us think we are far superior to all of the rest of our Animal World. As I began to learn more and lead my student discussions, I soon realized that maybe our intelligence was the only thing that we really did have in our superiority over the rest of our animal relatives. I began to look into the idea of comparing humans to animals in a wide variety of behaviors and activities, and soon a brand new window into the REAL world of animals began to open up. I soon realized that even the most insignificant animals in our world were really superstars when compared to humans. By using math, we are able to truly get a comparison of animals and how they relate to our own human abilities. As I began to create the problems and do-the-math, it became very evident, that I began to get the responses that I had hoped for. I soon began to call these responses, the Wow factor . A number of times, the teachers that have worked on the problems would actually go back and do the problems a second time because there has to be a mistake or no way that this can be true . There were no mistakes and the math did not lie. The math allowed us to look at the animals in a totally different way. I hope that you too will be amazed and wowed by some of these amazing animals that we share our world with.qThe steeplechase is an event that covers 3000 -meters and includes 28 hurdles and 5 water jumps. The male ... The hurdles in the 100, 110, and 400 meter races are made so that the athlete can knock the hurdle over ... The hurdler will learn to snap down their lead leg as it clears the hurdle, and follow that with driving their trail leg over the hurdle so that they will immediately begin their running stride.

Title:Zoo-A-Logical Math
Author:Thomas Kearney
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2012-04


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