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Animals as geomorphic agents have primarily been considered qcuriositiesq in the literature of geomorphology, whose spatial and quantitative influences have been seen as both limited and minor. Zoogeomorphology: Animals as Geomorphic Agents examines the distinct geomorphic influences of invertebrates, ectothermic vertebrates, birds, and mammals, and demonstrates the importance of animals as landscape sculptors. Specific processes associated with the diversity of animal influences in geomorphology are examined, including burrowing and denning, nesting, lithophagy and geophagy, wallowing and trampling, food caching, excavating for food, and dam building by beavers. Particular emphasis is placed on terrestrial animals, although aquatic animals are also discussed where appropriate. This book, which is the only one available wholly devoted to this topic, will interest graduate students and professional research workers in geomorphology, ecology, environmental science, physical geography, and geology.Dean, W. R. I., and Milton, S. J. 1991a. Disturbances in ... Habitat use by beaver along the Big Sioux River in eastern South Dakota. In R. E. Gresswell ... Dodge, N. N. 1964. Organ Pipe ... A solution to the problem of determining the occupancy status of Wedge-tailed shearwater Pujfinus pacificus burrows. Emu 91: 20-5. Dyeranbsp;...

Author:David R. Butler
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 1995-05-26


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