z/OS Version 1 Release 12 Implementation

z/OS Version 1 Release 12 Implementation

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This IBMAr RedbooksAr publication describes changes in installation and migration when migrating from a current z/OSAr V1R10 and z/OS V1R11 to z/OS V1R12. Also described are tasks to prepare for the installation of z/OS V1R12, including ensuring that driving system and target system requirements are met, and coexistence requirements are satisfied. New migration actions are introduced in z/OS V1R12. This book focuses on identifying some of the new migration actions that must be performed for selected elements when migrating to z/OS V1R12. This book describes the following enhancements: z/OS V1R12 installation, HiperDispatch, System Logger, Auto-reply to WTORs, Real Storage Manager (RSM) DFSMS, DFSORT, Services aids, z/OS Infoprint Server, TSO/E, RMFTM, Language EnvironmentAr, BCP allocation XML System Services, z/OS UNIXAr System Services, BCP supervisor, Extended Address Volumes HyperSwapAr. BCPii, (de)ciphering, Predictive Failure Analysis, C language, Hardware instrumentation services FICONAr dynamic channel-path management, Workload Manager, SDSF, JES2, JES3, SMF, GRS, XCF, HCD Unicode, Capacity provisioning, RRS, Parallel subsystems initialization z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF)For example, you can start and stop printers, change the forms loaded in printers, and redirect all print jobs to a different ... alternate printers, cancel print jobs that are currently printing on IP PrintWay printers, and see all messages in the common message log for print jobs and printers. ... Infoprint Central now lets authorized users do these functions: Display information about all documents in a print job.

Title:z/OS Version 1 Release 12 Implementation
Author:Paul Rogers, Robert Hering, Paulo Heuser, George Kozakos, Lutz Kühner, Jean-Louis Lafitte, Diana Nakajima, Paulo Cesar Nascimento, Gil Peleg, IBM Redbooks
Publisher:IBM Redbooks - 2011-04-27


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